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Hello loves!

Since I’m still getting so much love on this page I thought I’d remind my old & new followers that I DO have a new blog. Which means, I have a bunch of new & awesome posts you guys aren’t getting to see!

So here’s a link to my latest blog post:

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I love you guys & hope to stay in contact!



Laced In Cyn has a New Home!

Hello Darlings!

After a year with WordPress I have decided to move my blog over to Squarespace. I have enjoyed all of the WordPress blogger friends I have made within this last year and hope we can maintain our relationships!

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Hang Out Music Festival ’16

Hello darlings!

The time has finally come where I can share my festival looks with you! This past weekend I went to a three-day music festival on the beach. The festival included headliners such as The Weeknd, Florence + The Machine, Ellie Goulding, Fetty Wap and more.

My friend Bridget and I drove from Louisiana to Alabama in around a four-hour drive. We spent the majority of the drive there and back either talking or dancing. It was great. When we arrived to Gulf Shores, we stayed with a sorority sister and her family who live there. They were the absolute best & took great care of us (thanks, Anna Grace!)

Outfit Prep:

Day One was my absolute favorite. I loved my outfit, my makeup, and all of the performances were anything I could have ever asked for. I stood in the front for some of the greatest performances such as Hippie Sabotage and Alison Wonderland. Hippie Sabotage was CRAZY good. I head banged so much that my neck and back hurt for the next two days.


Choker: Forever 21/ Bathing suit top: Target / Kimono: Forever 21 / Pants: Pacsun



Taco plates from Peace, Love, Tacos. They were delish! I ate these two days out of the three.

Fun Fact: This day I was lucky enough to make it on a Hang Out Fest video. You can catch me at 0:21.

Later that night I sang to all The Weeknd’s songs while squished like a sardine near the front of the stage. When the festival ended the 40,000 attendees left the beach singing random songs and chants until we reached the exit.

Unfortunately for me, the night made a bit of a downward spiral when we got home and I realized I got food poisoning (at least that’s what I concluded).

But still Day One was my favorite!

Day Two, I woke up and thought I was ready for the festival. I put on my make-up, got dressed, went out to the festival and made it for one performance before I had to lay down. So unfortunately, I had to head back home where I slept for the remainder of the day. Thankfully, there wasn’t any performances I was dying to see that day so I didn’t miss much.

Flower Crown: Claire’s/ Romper: Target/ Shades: Time Warp

Day Three, I was rested, rejuvenated, and ready to get the party started! It was incredibly sunny but I stayed hydrated and cool for the most part.

On this day I saw Bro Safari – who was AMAZING and so much fun, Fetty Wap- who was kind of a disappointment, Ellie Goulding, and Florence + The Machine.

The night ended in a firework finale and I said goodbye to Hang Out.


Shades: Time Warp/ Choker: Forever 21/ Bathing suit top: Target/ Shorts: Forever 21

The festival taught me a few things:

  1.  I really love bass. I love music that I can feel, that makes me want to dance and that I can’t help but at least to nod my head to.
  2. I like performances where the artist really interacts with the crowd, especially when they get a little wild like Hippie Sabotage.
  3. When you let go and don’t care about what people think of you, THAT is when you will have the most fun. This weekend — I didn’t care and it was great.
  4. Take trips…always! Traveling and trying new things always teaches me things. I always leave trips feeling more knowledgeable and well-rounded than before.
  5. Go places with GOOD people. I took this trip with one of my newest but greatest friends. We talked for hours upon hours, swapped stories, explored controversial topics, shared laughs and discussed issues from our past and present. There was no drama and no bad vibes. Just two good people having a great trip and learning about one another.
  6. Just hang! Being that it was called Hang Out Music Festival and that I am a super busy-body and worry wort, it can be hard for me to “just hang.” But sometimes, you really just have to go with the flow and let things be. Lay back and take a look around you…life is good!

If you have the chance to buy a ticket to a music festival, I will always say, “do it.” Festivals really give you the chance to lose yourself and get lost in something greater –music. I met so many amazing people and dance partners that I may never see again, but we were lucky enough to cross each others paths and make memories. These are the moments that I will cherish forever and I hope you can have some moments like these as well!

Q: What was your favorite festival outfit? Learn any life lessons from festivals or concerts you have attended?  Comment below!




Summer Fruit

Hello darlings!

Happy Summer! It’s finally setting in that it is really summertime. I may not be off in the Caribbean soaking up the sun but I am indeed soaking in sleep, good food, and fun times!

Also, did anyone listen to the new Chance the Rapper mixtape, Coloring Book? If you haven’t yet, you’re missing out my friends. I’ve probably listened to it about six or seven + times fully through and it came out 3 days ago. It’s greatness.

Anywho! I wanted to share a fun and flowy outfit with you guys this weekend paired with one of my fav fruits: Watermelon!

Fun fact: Watermelon isn’t one of my favs because of the way it tastes, but because of its aesthetic. I love clothes and accessories that look like watermelon or have watermelon printed on them. I guess it’s something about the colors and the shape of a slice…I’m not sure! They’re just so fun to me!

Enjoy the outfit & grab a fruit!


Top:  Forever 21.



Shorts: clothing swap store in New Orleans for $7



Hair: Cantu Coconut Curling Cream & Coconut oil  

Hang Out Fest is coming up this weekend! Can’t wait to share my outfits and super cute bathing suits with you guys! Get readyyyy!

Q: What’s your favorite fruit? & Why?



Bookstore Blog + Selfies ‘n Such

Dear Readers,

That was a formal address, huh? I thought it’d be fitting to start my blog with a “Dear…” for the sake of me writing this blog in a bookstore or maybe I’m just lame…Anyways!

I’m currently having a me moment at my favorite place: Barnes & Nobles. My junior semester at LSU is finished, so now I get time to reflect, give more attention to the blog you’re reading, and explore.

But before I can do any of these super cool things, I just wanted to bask in the beauty of being in a bookstore. I never really understood why after school in high school I always wanted to run to the book store — but now I do.

Theres something magical about being in a room full of words that are only on paper. You have to turn the first page to find out what beauty lyes beyond the title page. For me that magic happens within magazines. Not just the Vogue, Marie Claire, or Cosmopolitans, but with the not as popular magazines with real substance such as Editorial List, Dazed & Confused, Happinez, and Disfunkshion.

These are the magazines I stumbled upon today that just amazed me. I enjoy reading about people who have stories and are far from normal. I like flipping through pages with pictures that visually entice me. With these not-so-typical magazines I found that! Happinez is perfect for those like me dipping into the yoga, boho, positive vibes only lifestyle. Theres encouraging words, stories, beautiful photos and graphics…it’s great.

My bookstore experience isn’t complete without just the right tunes in my ear though, and for me thats the Sango station on Pandora. I have “downed” and “upped” the right about songs that Pandora has created this magical playlists that blesses my ears every time I most need it to. So, I screenshotted some of the jams so that you can hopefully add these into your book store playlist as well.

In addition to having the perfect jams & magazine experience, I also had a pretty good hair and make up day. So I decided to take some totally-not-guilty-for selfies to show love for…myself.


Where do you go to feel your most happy? Who do you listen to? Have any favorite magazines?

Send your good vibes to the comment box!



Festival Season

Hello loves & festival goers!

Music festival season is upon us! As my faithful readers know, I’ve only been to one music festival, and that was Voodoo Fest (click the link to read about my time there!) in New Orleans. It was life changing. Since then, I have become a music festival junkie but have yet to go to another one. Hopefully that will change soon because I plan to buy a ticket to Hang Out Fest in Gulf Shores, Alabama!

To prepare for festival season, I had a little fun photoshoot with one of my coolest friends and model buddies, Katie, to rock out in fun festival outfits. Most festival wear is loose, printed, and Woodstock-y. However, depending on the festival you attend, some can be more along the lines of high-waisted shorts, bathing suit tops, and metallic makeup.

Katie and I went for the mainstream festival wear.

Katie created a head wrap with a thin multi-colored scarf and paired with it sea blue lipstick for a mermaid feel.


She wore a lace white crop top , diamond shaped earrings and peacock leggings, which you see later in the post.



What’s a festival without cute pictures? I mean, honestly.

My outfit consisted of a printed off-the-shoulder crop, a choker, circular shades, stud flower earrings, and high-waisted bell-bottom spandex pants.



Oops, I let my gangster show.


My Outfit: Top (Forever 21), Pants (Forever 21), Shades (Time Warp), Bracelets (Forever 21), Watch (Michael Kors), Choker (Borrowed, Thanks Jen!)

Katie’s Outfit: Top (For Love & Lemons), Leggings (Teeki), Shades (Unknown), Phone case (Amazon)

What are your favorite music festivals? Comment below!



A Little Adventure

Hi guys!

This past week, my school was on Spring Break. Instead of spending it partying it up on the beach, I spent it working, catching up on school work I never did, spending time with my close friends and loved ones, and giving myself and my spirit a little special attention.

It turned out to be SUCH a great decision.

This year I’ve been such a busy bee; I rarely have downtime or any free time, period. So, it was great to have (kind of) no obligations.

I took my downtime as time to explore just a little. My boyfriend and I found an app called Geocaching where it picks up your location and it finds little hidden treasures that people have hidden in your area. At first, it creeped me out because I didn’t know what I was getting myself into, but it turned out to be a lot of fun! (Even though we only found 1/3 geocaches. LOL.)


Our failure at scavenger hunting led us to other adventures. We watched the sunset on the pier at the LSU Lakes, hung out on the rooftop of a building I won’t name (haha), and went to the Highland Observatory! The telescope was closed for the night because of the super cloudy skies, but luckily we were still able to get a tour and learn about all the amazing things they do there. They also had a mini museum with a bunch of cool posters and pictures of the universe.


LSU Lakes is gorgeous!

I would HIGHLY suggest if you have an observatory in your area to go check it out. At this one, anyone is able to come in and use the state-of-the-art telescope to see planets, stars, and admire the rest of the galaxy for FREE.

Just a few quick shots I got at the mini museum (These photos don’t give the place justice!)


I feel like such a nerd showing such interest in this, but it was kind of life changing (and I didn’t even get to look through the telescope yet!)

All of these little adventures were FREE and SO fun. This week really taught me you don’t have to travel out of state or even out of town to have an adventure. It can literally be as close as your back yard.

Happy travels!


Spring Flowers & Long Hours

Hello loves!

Spring has begun and the flowers are bloomin’! I’m pretty sure I’ve made it clear that winter is my favorite season. HOWEVER, Spring can be so gorgeous (despite the pollen, I hate pollen)!



For today’s post I’m bringing you a chill and laid back outfit that made me comfortable and made my heart smile! My top is from a thrift shop, my pants & cardigan from H&M, shoes from Walmart, and my shades from Time Warp.


This outfit was completely cheap (as you can tell from the shops) and composed of all semi-old and out-of-season garments from my closet…and I loved it!


While you’re doing some spring cleaning, I challenge you to make an outfit out of YOUR old clothes!


Happy Spring!



Statement Tees

Hello Darlings!

Today I’m coming at you with a clothing piece I don’t often wear…T-shirts! There’s no particular reason why I don’t wear them, they’re just not usually my first pick. However, that may have just changed!

I discovered a brand called Chokolat Creme recently and they have completely changed my outlook on T-shirts! Their T-shirts are far from plain and contain powerful images and messages.

The one I’m wearing today ESPECIALLY stuck out to me because as an African-American female blogger I most definitely have realized the small presence of other African-American female bloggers in the blog world.

As black women (in particular) we have so many stories, such great voices, and we should be heard! Our presence should be much greater than it is today. So not only do I want to make others aware that “black girls blog,” but I want to ENCOURAGE black girls TO blog.

And this statement tee helps to do that!


I wore my tee with with an everyday on-the-go look: leggings, booties, a button up around the waist, sunglasses & my Dooney bag.



My bomb shades are from Time Warp Boutique. I purchased them during their Spring Fling Super Sale and got these along with another pair for 2 for $20!



I kinda love them.


All in all, I loved this outfit. I hope you guys do too! & definitely go check out Chokolat Creme for your own statement tee!